Where sturdy and smart come together in one treatment table: THE ManuMax

Maximum comfort For maximum well being


The Enraf-Nonius ManuMax is a series of new generation treatment couches. These high quality, professional couches are developed by our experts to set a new standard in physiotherapy.


3 dimensional curved head section

The ManuMax is the first treatment couch with a 3 dimensional curved head section. The facial/nose opening follows the shape of the head and covers the complete length of the headrest without any stitching, making the headrest very comfortable for the patient and easy to clean. Maximum comfort for maximum well being.


The most stable treatment table

The sturdy frame is designed to create the most stable treatment surface. All ManuMax tables have a safe working load of 250 kilograms. The standard electrical all-around operation (high/low) adds to the user friendliness of ManuMax. The soft-landing wheel system and the digital lock are standard with this new generation treatment tables. Never was a treatment table so comfortable for patient and therapist.

The frames of the ManuMax couches are available in two different shades of grey. The finest upholstery is carefully chosen in a variety of colours suiting a natural, executive, or life style environment. The perfect treatment table fitting in your own style.

With its smart, modern design, the ManuMax is an alluring asset for every practice

Examination and multi line

The ManuMax series include an Examination and a Multi line. The Examination line has an extra long back section, ideal for examination and basic treatments. There is no need for your patient to turn around in order to change from a lying to a sitting position.

The ManuMax Multi line offers versatile treatment tables for the modern, demanding therapist. Equipped with the unique head section, the ManuMax Multi line, is available in 2- or 3 section treatment tables.

The ManuMax examination 2.2

The ManuMax Examination 2.2 is the 2-section table for examination and basic treatments.  With its extra long back section, comfortable support is provided for even the tallest patients. The back section can be adjusted up to 90° to accomodate the patient for any treatment.

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most stable


most comfortable


contemporary design

The ManuMax Multi, the ultimate treatment table

The 3-fold ManuMax Multi treatment table has either 3 or 5 sections.

The ManuMax multi 3.3

The ManuMax Multi 3.3 is the versatile treatment table for the modern and demanding therapist. This ManuMax is equipped with the unique ManuMax head section. Different adjustable positions like the flexion position can be performed with this multifunctional treatment table.

The ManuMax multi 3.5

The ManuMax Multi 3.5 has besides all this, exclusive adjustable armrests, which can be lowered smoothly and twisted sidewards for maximum comfort with the patient lying face down. With its unique formed facial/nose opening ánd the arms positioned in a total relaxing mode, is the ManuMax 3.5 the most ergonomic comfortable table. The ManuMax 3.5 is the ultimate treatment couch ever in your practice!


Size tabletop (l x w)
215 x 67 cm

Height adjustment
approximately 48 – 96 cm

Lifting time (min.-max.)
approximately 18 sec.

Lifting capacity
250 kg

Power supply
100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz

Current consumption
2.5 A max.

Colours upholstery

204 sirius blue

012 black

170 baby blue

Colours frame



Accessories like paper roll holder, stools and cushions in various colours are available.

The ManuMax examination 2.2

The ManuMax multi 3.3

The ManuMax multi 3.5

Developed by your partner-for-life

The ManuMax™ has been developed by Enraf-Nonius, your partner-for-life in state of the art products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


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